Woman Who Brought Her 8-Month Old Baby To Bank Robbery Sentenced To 6 Years In Prison.

30-year old Tanya Miller will spend the next six years in prison, which will give her plenty of time to reflect on her mistakes.

The New York Daily News reports that Miller, her boyfriend Barry Doswell and another accomplice, Kevin Docherty, hatched a plan to rob a bank in northern England.

Barry Doswell and Tanya Miller

Miller was the getaway driver while the other two entered the bank. The mother of four had her 8-month old child strapped in a car seat during the ordeal.

The three got away with $5,000, but were soon tracked down.

Kevin Docherty

Docherty, who threatened a bank teller with a knife during the robbery, was sentenced to seven years in prison. Miller and Doswell got six years each.

Source: thisis50.com