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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Pays Nicki Minaj $50K To Show Up At His Daughter’s B-Day Party For An Hour

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. went out all out to make his daughter Iyanna’s 14th birthday party a memorable one.

TMZ reports that the boxing champion shelled out $50,000 to have Nicki Minaj show up for an hour. The rapper hung around just long enough to pose for photos and spend some time time with the teen.

Nicki posted a couple of the photos on her Instagram page. “HAPPY 14th BIRTHDAY IYANNA!!!!!!!!!! @moneyyaya cc@floydmayweather,” reads the caption on one of them.

Definitely an easy payday for Nicki and a nice gift for Iyanna.

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“50 Cent Makes A Powerful Return With 1st New Album In 5 Years” NY Daily News Reviews ‘Animal Ambition’

Written by Jim Farber for the New York Daily News

You don’t have to get far into 50 Cent’s new album before he addresses the elephant in the room. On the maddeningly catchy second song, “Don’t Worry About It,” the rapper tells fans and foes alike  they shouldn’t care about all the “time passing and I’m not around.”

In fact, it’s been five long years since the largest-selling hip-hop star of the early aughts managed to put out any actual music. (The new album has an official release date of next Tuesday, but nearly all its tracks can be previewed on 50’s official website now).

In the meantime, the star has been minting money with his footwear collection, fragrance line, video game, audio company, publishing unit, film production arm, movie roles and wide variety of beverage products.

With all this lucre, and distraction, it’s a surprise Fitty even bothered returning to the economically depressed world of music. It’ s a measure of the fast changes in that industry that he has done so with different backers. “Animal Ambition,” 50s’ fifth album, is his first on a  label other than those run by original allies Dr. Dre and Eminem. 

Even so, the album’s strongest tracks return him to the amalgam that made his first two albums — “Get Rich or Die Tryin’ ” and “Beg for Mercy” — hip-hop milestones in 2003. They’re as street-hard as they are hook-rich.

Cuts like “Chase the Paper” or “Pilot” could be taught in schools as textbook ear-worms: Their sing-song cadences bore into your brain and make a home there. In such songs, or the equally insidious “Hustler,” 50 uses his flow to low-ride the rhythm. His fuzz-toned voice creates a virtual second bass line, doubling the funk.

The rapper, born Curtis James Jackson III, features his strongest work to date with frequent protege Kidd Kidd. The young star’s needling and nasal voice bobs everywhere 50 weaves. In “Everytime I Come Around,” Kidd sustains a hypnotic monotone, allowing himself only one breath per minute.

The slicker R&B tracks – alighted by singers like Trey Songz and Guordan Banks – have a more generic appeal. And, as always, 50’s bling-driven verse isn’t as rare as his rhythmic delivery. But when his rich instrument undulates over the minimalist riffs, there’s magic worth waiting for.

50 Cent performs in “Good Morning America’s” Summer Concert Series on Friday, 7-9 a.m., and Hot 97’s “Summer Jam” at MetLife Stadium Sunday.

Animal Ambition will go on sale June 3rd.
Source: thisis50.com