Opinion Piece

A woman with her 85 year old mother aboard a crowded bus. They stood in front of two people who were taking up the front seats. Law states that these two must give up their seats for the elderly and disabled. The two people occupying the seats sees the elderly 85 year old but does not acknowledge the mother or the daughter in any way; and vice versa. To make a point of their wrongdoing, the mother and daughter decides to stay in front of the two people throughout their entire ride. After the ride, the daughter decides to rant by calling the two people who were taking up the seats, “douchebags”.

I agree that the two people taking up the seats were wrong to not give up (or even offer) their seats to your elderly mother. But was it worth it to wait for the two so-called “douchebags” to make the first move while having your mother stand there the entire time? Couldn’t you have said something to them? Or to the driver? You could’ve tried and made a difference. They may be douchebags but I have an another name for you referring to a kitty.

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