Fuller House Season 1, Episode 10

I noticed the inaccuracies in Episode 10 of Fuller House during the Giants game scenes.

Jackson and Lola at the Dugout Store – That’s not the same store at the ballpark.  Looks like its the Stonestown one.

Lola sees a signed Tim Lincecum jersey hanging from a pole.  – A signed jersey shouldn’t be poorly hanged from a pole.  It should always displayed inside  case preventing customers from getting it dirty.

Lola says it’s a “game-ending jersey”. – I have no idea what a Game Ending jersey is but I assumed it’s the same jersey they wore for the entire game.  Why would they change jerseys towards the end of a game?  The jersey is also a replica, not the authentic jersey that the players wear.

Jackson pays for the jersey using a credit card – Customers under 18 are not allowed to purchase high priced items without being accompanied by an adult, especially using a credit card without checking ID.  The credit card says “Dr. Matt Harmon.”  This kid is a doctor? I don’t think so.  The cashier accepted the card from a kid.

Kimmy and Ramona sneaks up to the top of the Dugout – The entrance to the top of the dugout has security guards on either end.  No way, they could’ve made it up there.

Stephanie sings “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” – This scene is followed by the Kiss Cam which is unlikely since they usually only do one intermission between innings.

9th Inning scene – There is practically nobody on that alley.  It’s hard to imagine that during a game, that the entire alleyway almost empty.



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