Martin Shkreli Found Guilty of 3 Counts of Security Fraud. He May be sentenced to 20 Years in Prison


Woman Who Brought Her 8-Month Old Baby To Bank Robbery Sentenced To 6 Years In Prison.

30-year old Tanya Miller will spend the next six years in prison, which will give her plenty of time to reflect on her mistakes.

The New York Daily News reports that Miller, her boyfriend Barry Doswell and another accomplice, Kevin Docherty, hatched a plan to rob a bank in northern England.

Barry Doswell and Tanya Miller

Miller was the getaway driver while the other two entered the bank. The mother of four had her 8-month old child strapped in a car seat during the ordeal.

The three got away with $5,000, but were soon tracked down.

Kevin Docherty

Docherty, who threatened a bank teller with a knife during the robbery, was sentenced to seven years in prison. Miller and Doswell got six years each.


Lauryn Hill Reports To Prison To Begin 3-Month Tax Evasion Sentence


Lauryn Hill has reported to a federal prison in Connecticut to begin her 3-month sentence for tax evasion.


According to TMZ, the former Fugees singer/rapper will be housed in general population at the the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury.


The Grammy Award-winning entertainer pleaded guilty in June 2012 to evading federal taxes on $1.8 million earned between 2005 and 2007. In May 2013, Hill was sentenced in a New Jersey federal court.

In addition to serving three months in prison, Hill must pay a $60,000 fine. After she is released from prison, she will be under parole supervision for a year, the first three months of which will be spent under home confinement.


Lauryn Hill Sentenced To 3 Months In Prison



Lauryn Hill was just sentenced to three months in prison for tax evasion. She will also have to spend three additional months on home confinement according to the Associated Press.


The 37-year old singer pleaded guilty in the case last year. She told the judge that she had intended to pay her taxes, but couldn’t during the period of time she dropped out of the music business.


Hill’s attorney had sought probation in the case. At this point it is not clear when or where Hill will report to prison.


Prison Inmate Gets 4 Female Guards Pregnant After Taking Control of the Baltimore City Detention Cen

Tavon White aka “Bulldog” an inmate of Baltimore City Detention Center became the kingpin of the Black Guerrilla Family, a gang with roots from California prisons, when he entered the correction facility in 2009 on an attempted-murder charge.

Bulldog is accused of comprising a successful network of corruption within the prison with inmates and guards that allowed him to smuggle and control gang activity on the streets. He appeared in court this Wednesday but his case was postponed until this summer.

Amongst the gangsta relations, Bulldog also managed to have sex with four female prison guards and get them pregnant. According to the indictment two of the women have his name tattooed on their bodies.

In total, 25 people face charges with Bulldog. This sum includes 13 women correction officers who face racketeering and drug charges. In addition, 20 of the 25 face money-laundering charges.


Lauryn Hill Makes $1 Million Deal with Sony Music to Avoid Prison

As a way to avoid going to prison due to tax evasion charges, Lauryn Hill has committed to a $1 million deal with Sony Music to create five new songs.

After not paying federal taxes for a $1.8 million income she earned between 2005 and 2007, the former Fugee member owes the government roughly $504,000.

Due to a delay of sentencing, the singer/lyricist has until May 6th to pay up or she may face three years in prison. Luckily, Sony came to the rescue.

Unfortunately, Hill has yet to make any music.